How do I set up the Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

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You can set up the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via an app on your smartphone:

  • "Google Authenticator" for Android or Apple's iOS
  • "Authy" for Android and Apple's iOS
  • "Authenticator+" for Windows Phone

If you are using Google Authenticator for the first time, select Start setup. If you want to add a new account, select Account Setup in the app menu.

To link your mobile device to your account, select Scan Barcode and point the camera to the QR code on the display.

Before finishing the setup, please do not forget to note your 2FA backup code, which you will find under the QR code. Hereafter, you can independently reset your 2FA with this code via the app, should you happen to lose your smartphone or uninstall the app.

To verify that the app is working, type the six-digit code in the input field in your Bitpanda Account and click Confirm.

After the setup, you see a new entry in the app with the name "Bitpanda". In the same line, you'll find the 2FA code that changes every 30 seconds.

At Login, you will be asked for the 2FA code in a second step after entering your email and password.

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