Increase your limits with Bitpanda Plus

The Bitpanda Plus programme is an exclusive service for Bitpanda users who wish to trade with large volumes beyond our default limits.

Additionally, Plus users receive exclusive support and are able to shape current and future developments at Bitpanda with their feedback.

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive support by our Bitpanda Plus team
  • Get increased limits for deposits and withdrawals
  • Direct impact on upcoming features and asset listings
  • Personalised updates about new features & products
  • Exclusive discounts and reduced trading premiums and payment fees upon request
  • Ability to block specific deposit and payout methods
  • Exclusive beta access to new Plus benefits for BEST level 5 VIPs
  • Ability to book a phone call or chat live with one of our Plus specialists


At least 1 of the following criteria needs to be fulfilled to be eligible for the programme:

  • You earn at least EUR 150,000 (gross) a year or, alternatively, have savings worth EUR 500,000
  • You are a BEST VIP level 5 holder
  • You are actively promoting Bitpanda on your own website or have an affiliate business (more than 1,000 fully-verified users referred to Bitpanda)
  • You hold at least 500,000 PAN tokens
  • You have deposited EUR 100,000 in fiat or the equivalent amount in crypto which you intend to trade with or stake
  • You have been a Bitpanda user since 2014

What’s next?

To successfully upgrade to a Bitpanda Plus account, please keep the following in mind:

  1. First, you will need a fully verified Bitpanda account. If you do not have a Bitpanda account yet, creating one can be done easily
  2. When contacting us to upgrade your verified account, please state the exact amount (in fiat or digital currencies) you would like to process via our Plus service
  3. As part of our due diligence, we examine the origin of the funds for higher transfer amounts and therefore kindly ask you to attach a sufficient proof of funds

Tip: If you are signing up as a company, please ask for our business verification form.

Note: Please be aware that when it comes to social media, there is a possible risk of encountering scam activities. Bitpanda admins will never contact you via direct message (DMs/PMs) or reply to any private messages. We will never ask you to send us digital assets or pay an “unlocking fee” via social media. For more information, please have a look at our how to spot online scams article.

Everything ready?

Once you have all your information and documents ready, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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