What is the Bitpanda Affiliate program?


Frequently asked questions

An overview of the frequently asked questions about the Bitpanda Affiliate Program can be found here. Please read the article before you register.


Up To 20% Revenue Share

You receive up to 20% revenue share for every referred customer. The percentage depends on the total amount of net revenue all your referrals generate per month.


Broker with High Volume & Recurring Customers

We serve a steadily growing community of 850.000+ happy users, who appreciate our fast, secure and easy to use service.


Long Cookie Duration

As cookies are stored for a long period of time (30 days), you can even earn a revenue share from users who register on Bitpanda weeks after they clicked on your affiliate link.


Go to the Signup Form

Please make sure that you register with the same email address you used to register as a user on Bitpanda.com. After a review from our Affiliate Manager, you will receive an email once you have been approved.


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