Does Bitpanda offer phone support?

Active phone support is available exclusively for Bitpanda Plus users and BEST VIP level 5 users. To book a call, please log into our Helpdesk with your Bitpanda credentials and click on Book a call in the top corner. To be able to receive phone calls or SMS from us, please make sure that phone numbers starting with the prefix +43 1 435 are not blocked.

Tip: For further information on how to upgrade your BEST VIP level, please visit this page.

In certain cases, however, we may have to call you for security reasons. Before calling our users, we will always send out an email informing them that they can expect an incoming call from Bitpanda. After receiving such an email, please make sure to have your ticket-ID ready for the call.

This means you should only accept calls from us if:

  • You are a Bitpanda Plus or BEST VIP level 5 user and have booked a phone call with us
  • You have received an email which you are notified that you can expect a call from us in

Note: Please note that we can only call you on the phone number registered with your Bitpanda account. If you wish to use a different number, please refer to our article on how to change your phone number.

Note: We will never send you a direct message or call you via our social media channels. If you are in doubt about the origin of a phone call or unsure about the origin of certain information, please contact us to enquire about the legitimacy of the call. In any case, you should always ask the caller for your ticket-ID and make sure it is the correct one. For further information, have a look at our article on how to spot online scams.

Can I request a call from Bitpanda in urgent matters?

If you request a call from our side, please provide us with detailed information on your case and why you believe a call is necessary. However, please be aware that we reserve the right to decide whether a phone call is needed in order to resolve your request.

Note: Please note that it is not possible to visit our office. It is a private area and we are an online business. We are therefore entitled to refuse access to anyone external to the company. Furthermore, we have departments that have to uphold confidentiality obligations, such as our Legal and Compliance teams. If you need help urgently or cannot submit a ticket, please contact us on social media or send us a letter by post.

Should you have a problem or question regarding your account, please contact us. We will process your request as soon as possible. You can also join our Bitpanda Telegram group to chat with others in the meantime.

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