How to make a wallet my default wallet and how to delete a wallet?

Since you can have multiple wallets for the same cryptocurrency, the first wallet generated when creating your account is your default wallet. When another Bitpanda user sends you cryptocurrencies internally, these will automatically be credited to your default wallet.

Change default wallet

If you wish to set another wallet as your default wallet follow these steps:

Desktop Mobile App (Android)
  1. Click on Wallets
  2. Click on the Wallet you want as default Wallet for a specific cryptocurrency
  3. Click on Wallet Details at the top right corner
  4. To make this wallet your default wallet, click on Determine as default wallet

In the Wallet details you also have the option to rename or delete a wallet.

Delete Wallet

If you want to delete one of your wallets, please note the following points:

  • You must have more than one wallet for that cryptocurrency
  • You cannot delete your default wallet
  • The deletion of a wallet is only possible if there are no funds on it
Desktop Mobile App (Android)
When these points are met, you can click on Wallet Details, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Wallet in the wallet you want to remove.


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