How does the "Contacts" option work?

Free internal transactions between Bitpanda users

The option Contacts can make it easier sending/receiving cryptocurrencies between Bitpanda users. Unlike normal transactions on the blockchain, these transactions are free of charge and processed in seconds. In order to create a contact, you need the email address of the Bitpanda user.

Immediate and free microtransactions

There is no minimum amount for internal transactions, you can send the smallest unit of each cryptocurrency.

Add and manage contacts

Follow these steps to create a contact:

  1. Click on My Account and afterwards on Contacts to see an overview of your current contacts.
  2. Click on Add new contact to create a new contact.
  3. You can now enter the name and email address in the window that popped up. In the same window, you can add external deposit addresses of your contact with Add additional address and choosing the corresponding cryptocurrency in the dropdown list by clicking on the Bitcoin Logo. With a click on "-" you can delete the external address again if you do not need this feature yet.
  4. Click on Save Changes to create the contact.
  5. You can send cryptocurrencies to a contact by clicking on Send
  6. A window will open that displays all your cryptocurrencies. Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to send, click on the contact you want to send it to and enter the amount you want to send in the last step.
  7. In the summary, you can confirm the transaction by clicking on Send now if all details are correct.
  8. In an email you will receive the confirmation link, clicking it will finalize the transaction.

If you are having any problems with processing a transaction you can reach us here. 

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