How can I change the default currency of my account?

Cryptocurrencies can only be exchanged into the given currencies. We are currently offer trading in EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. When using payment providers such as NETELLER or Skrill, other national currencies may be used to trade Bitpanda -for an appropriate fee from the payment providers. These currencies are automatically changed to one of the accepted currencies.

Change default currency

In order to change the default currency, please follow these steps:

Desktop Mobile App (Android)
  1. Click on your User Icon in the upper right corner
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Choose your preferred currency at Default Currency

Here you can change the currency. After you have done this, all prices will be displayed in the desired currency.

Tip: It is still possible to pay with other currencies offered on our platform without changing the default settings again.

For more information, these articles may be helpful:

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