How can I speed up the processing of my request?

Here you will find details on what you can do to get a solution as quickly as possible, what you need to consider when contacting us, details on our response times, and how you can send us your feedback with just a few clicks.

Fast help

Our primary objective is to help you with your problem as quickly as possible and to keep your waiting time as short as possible. Please note the following:

  1. Before you contact us directly, use the search function, which might help you to find a solution for your problem
  2. When referring to a fiat transaction, please check in advance what you should do if your fiat transaction has the status "Manual approval"
  3. When referring to a cryptocurrency transaction, please check in advance what you should do if your cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal is not completed
  4. If you have problems logging in, changing your data, or any other problems with your account, please use our Helpdesk to find the right solution and then contact us via our contact form

Tip: In our contact form, you can also select your preferred language. The fastest turnaround can be provided in German and English.

If you contact us

Please note the following when using the contact form:

  • Please always enter the email address you registered on Bitpanda. You will receive a confirmation email with the ticket-ID to this address
  • Always provide the relevant PID of the fiat transaction you are having problems with. Click on the relevant entry in your history to see it
  • Always provide the relevant transaction ID (hash) of the cryptocurrency transaction you are having problems with. Click on the relevant entry in your history to see it
  • Always reply to the original ticket and do not open additional tickets for the same question. This only extends the response time
  • The better you describe your problem, the faster we can help you solve it
  • You can use the contact form without the need to register at our Helpdesk
  • Try to provide the relevant category when submitting your request. If you do not select a specific category, your request might take additional processing time

Response time

If it happens in exceptional cases that you have not received an answer within 72 hours, you can do the following:

  • Have a little more patience, our primary goal is to help you as soon as possible
  • Your request will never be ignored, so it is not necessary to ask the same question again
  • Please do not submit a new request as this will only prolong your waiting time
  • Check if the email did not accidentally end up in your spam folder or if you have entered another email address in the contact form


We appreciate your feedback very much as it helps us to continuously improve our services.

If you want to share general feedback about your Helpdesk experience, you can do so using the feedback section at the bottom of each Helpdesk article. Simply click on the + or - icons to let us know how easy it was for you to get the information you needed. We would also appreciate you leaving some written feedback there, but for any support tickets or requests, please use our contact form.

Tip: If you cannot see the feedback section, please try it in private/incognito mode in your browser or deactivate any ad blockers you may be using.

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