How can I sell cryptocurrencies and how do I withdraw money from my fiat wallet?

Our fiat wallet feature allows you to sell cryptocurrencies to your fiat wallet and withdraw money at any time. You can also deposit money to your fiat wallet and have it available at any time to purchase cryptocurrencies. This allows you to react quickly to the market regardless of the processing times of the payment methods.

Sell cryptocurrency

To sell cryptocurrencies, simply follow these steps:

Desktop Mobile App (Android) Mobile App (iOS)
  1. Click on Trade
  2. Click on Sell
  3. Select the respective cryptocurrency or digital asset
  4. Select your fiat wallet to transfer your funds to
  5. Choose the amount you want to sell
  6. In the final step, you can see a summary of your order, after forgoing your right of withdrawal, click on Sell now and the respective amount will be credited to the chosen fiat wallet

Withdraw fiat

To withdraw money from your fiat wallet, follow these steps:

Desktop Mobile App (Android) Mobile App (iOS)
  1. On the Dashboard, click on Portfolio
  2. Click on Currencies
  3. Choose the currency you wish to withdraw
  4. Click on Withdraw
  5. Select the payout account. If you haven’t done it yet, you will need to create a new payout account for the payment provider you have selected
  6. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click on Go to Summary
  7. On the Summary page, check if everything is correct and click Confirm
  8. You will receive a confirmation email, click the Confirm Transaction button in this email

If everything went right, you will be redirected to the success-screen on the Bitpanda website.

Note: The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals for fiat currencies is EUR 25.

Find out what you can do if your withdrawal has the status "Manual approval".

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