I have a feature request for Bitpanda Pro. What can I do?

We highly value your feedback because it helps us to improve our services and to offer you the best possible experience. 

There is a lot coming up on Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda that we cannot talk about yet. We are constantly working to offer you all the tools you need for a seamless trading experience.

At the moment, there is no way to vote for the implementation of a certain feature, but we value every suggestion from our users.

Tip: If you wish to send us a request to include a certain feature, you can catch us on Reddit. Our community managers are checking them regularly and will give your feedback to the appropriate department.

But please understand that we cannot speak about possible new features or changes to the exchange before they have been launched successfully or we have publicly announced that we are planning to do so. Furthermore, we cannot comment on any rumours concerning such matters. Rest assured, that with every new important feature to the exchange, our users will be informed via our blog, through our newsletter and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Telegram).

Find out what you can do if you want to actively apply for a fiat currency, cryptocurrency and digital asset to be listed on Bitpanda or on Bitpanda Pro.

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