I'm new to Bitpanda Pro. Where should I start?

Bitpanda Pro is fully responsive and designed for desktop and mobile use. For the best experience, we recommend that you use one of the following devices and browsers:

  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
  • Mobile devices: iPhone 6 (and higher), Samsung Galaxy S7 (and higher)
  • Tablets: iPad

If you find that your mobile device is unable to handle Bitpanda Pro in a clear and responsive way, then we recommend switching to a different device, like a desktop computer, notebook, tablet or a different smartphone.

Tip: Should for some reason any issues arise, you can find help in our Bitpanda Pro section on our Helpdesk.

Understand the difference

  • Before you start it is important to understand the difference between Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda since both offer unique features and possibilities, geared toward different skill sets
  • You can use both Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda with a single account. Please note that only one Bitpanda account per user is allowed. Learn more about double accounts

Create your account

  • If you already have an existing Bitpanda account you can simply log in to Bitpanda Pro with your existing credentials. You can use Bitpanda, the Bitpanda App, Bitpanda Pro, and all other Bitpanda services with a single Bitpanda account. Please note that only one Bitpanda account per user is allowed. Learn more about double accounts
  • If you do not have a Bitpanda account yet, find out how to create an account

Secure your account

Verify your account

Funding your Bitpanda Pro wallet

Withdrawing funds from your Bitpanda Pro wallet

Trading on Bitpanda Pro

  • Learn more about how to trade on Bitpanda Pro
  • The minimum required trading amount is always the equivalent of EUR 10, no matter the market
  • If you are uncomfortable using more advanced order types, you may want to research this topic further before trading on Bitpanda Pro. In the meantime, you can also continue to use Bitpanda



Changing your personal data

  • Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda are interconnected to some degree. Changing your personal data will be done through Bitpanda

Any questions?

  • Visit our status page to stay up to date in case of short-term disruptions. To be notified whenever Bitpanda creates, updates or resolves an incident, go to Subscribe to updates on our status page and choose the relevant topics you would like to be notified about
  • In case you are stuck, we are at your disposal at any time. See the fastest way to get help with your request
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