How do I use the Exchange view (Order types, Chart and Markets) on Bitpanda Pro?

The Exchange view is the main page of Bitpanda Pro. It is fully responsive and adapts automatically to any screen size.


On the Exchange view you can:

Top navigation


At all times, you can click on the Bitpanda Pro logo at the top left to directly jump to the Exchange view, no matter the page you are on.

Tip: You can display your Estimated account value in BTC or EUR, or hide it altogether, by simply clicking on it.

Order types


In the Order section on the left you will find the different order types:

  • Market 
  • Limit
  • Stop limit

Tip: If you are uncomfortable using more advanced order types, you may want to research this topic further before trading on Bitpanda Pro. In the meantime, you can also continue to use Bitpanda.

Order book


The order book shows the latest orders placed through Bitpanda Pro. Each order in the order book consists of the following parts:

  • Total
  • Amount
  • Price

By clicking on the individual part, you adopt its value in the respective field in the Order section on the left.

The Compile feature allows you to toggle the depth of the order book.

Price chart


Our price chart is powered by TradingView, a third-party integration. It allows you to quickly view historical pricing of any asset supported on Bitpanda Pro. Unlike other exchanges, Bitpanda Pro does not remove any candles or wicks from the price chart.

Note: Please note that when trading directly with other users, larger price fluctuations are normal and occur more frequently than on broker platforms.

Tip: Although the timestamp at the bottom of the chart may not be displayed correctly on some rare occasions, the candlesticks of the chart, the prices, as well as the timestamp in your history will show the correct value.

My orders


In My orders you can see the orders you placed. You cannot edit an order here. To cancel an order, simply click on the “X” on the right hand side of the respective order.



The Market section gives you a quick glance at all available trading pairs on Bitpanda Pro. You can quickly switch to a different trading pair by simply clicking on it.

You can modify the order in which the trading pairs appear by clicking on: 

  • Market
    This filters the trading pairs by alphabetical order or in reverse alphabetical order
  • Last price
    This filters the trading pairs from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest 
  • Volume
    This filters the trading pairs from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest
  • 24h change
    This shows you the percentage value of the asset’s price fluctuation over the past 24 hours. You cannot edit the time frame within this tab

Market history


The Market History section shows the last 80 trades in chronological order for the selected trading pair. It shows the Amount, Price and Time of each trade.

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