Which trading pairs (Markets) are available on Bitpanda Pro?

All trading pairs currently offered on Bitpanda Pro can be found on this page.

Tip: Further trading pairs may be added at a later date. Learn what you can do if you wish to request a new trading pair listing.

Select a trading pair

You can select a trading pair by either clicking on Market at the top navigation bar or by navigating to the Exchange view and selecting the trading pair at Markets on the right-hand side.

You can modify the order in which the trading pairs appear by clicking on: 

  • Market
    This filters the trading pairs by alphabetical order or in reverse alphabetical order
  • Last price
    This filters the trading pairs from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest 
  • Volume
    This filters the trading pairs from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest
  • 24h change
    This shows you the percentage value of the asset’s price fluctuation over the past 24 hours. You cannot edit the time frame within this tab

After having selected a trading pair, the page will update itself. In addition, the Market History tab will update itself to show the last 80 trades made for this trading pair. It shows the Amount, Price and Time of each trade.

Maintenance and Suspended mode

If a certain trading pair is currently unavailable, a notification bar will appear in the Exchange view for the respective market. Please be patient and check our status page regularly for updates. If this is the case, we are already working on making it available again as soon as possible. To be notified about updates, click on Subscribe to updates on our status page and select the relevant topics you would like to be notified about.

Tip: You can subscribe to the RSS feed in order to receive instant notifications when trading pairs are made available again.

Maintenance mode

If a market is in maintenance mode, no orders can be matched, opened or cancelled for the respective market. Open orders will stay open.

Suspended mode

If a market is in suspended mode, no orders can be matched or opened for the respective market. Open orders will stay open and they can still be cancelled.

Tip: A market that is in maintenance or suspended mode does not affect transactions of the respective asset. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw the asset from the respective Bitpanda Pro wallet. 

Funding your Bitpanda Pro wallet

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