Where can I find documentation and troubleshooting for the Bitpanda Pro API?

To manage your API keys, head to the API key management page. If you wish to read the full documentation on how to use an API key, click on the link on the top left hand side of the API key management page or find it directly here

Creating an API key

To set up an API key, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Bitpanda Pro
  2. Click on your User Icon 
  3. Select API 
  4. Click on New API key 
  5. Choose a name for your API key
  6. Select if your API key will have either the Read, Trade, or Withdraw permission, or any combination thereof
  7. You can use IP restrictions for up to five ipv4/ipv6 addresses (Optional)
  8. Click on Create API key
  9. If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) activated, enter the six-digit 2FA code and click on Authorise now
  10. You will now receive a confirmation email (Find out what you can do if you are having trouble receiving emails)
  11. Click on the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. For security reasons, the confirmation link will expire after 30 minutes
  12. You will now be redirected to the Bitpanda Pro, and you will be shown a pop-up window with your API key 

Note: Please be aware that this is the one and only time when you have the chance to see, save and back up the key.

Tip: To confirm your API key, make sure that you are always using the link from the most recent Bitpanda email you received and that the link has not timed out. 


Bitpanda Pro provides Read, Trade, and Withdraw key permissions when creating API keys. For all details on permissions, please read our official Bitpanda Pro API documentation.



The Read permission includes all GET endpoints. It allows the key to read data (i.e. account balances, market prices, order and transaction history).


The Trade permission allows the API key to place or cancel orders. This includes POST and DELETE order endpoints.


The Withdraw scope allows you to deposit and withdraw funds from your account to your off-site wallets.

Additional permissions

Additional API key permissions may be added at a later date. We advise that for further information and understanding of the Bitpanda Pro API keys, please keep an eye on this very article and have a look at our official Bitpanda Pro API documentation

Deleting an API key

If you want to delete your API key, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Bitpanda Pro
  2. Click on your User Icon 
  3. Select API
  4. Click on Delete on the right side of the respective API key
  5. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Yes, delete it in the pop up

Note: Once deleted, an API key can not be retrieved.


  • API Issues
    If you experience any problems with the API, please contact us. Please note that requests regarding the API might take longer to provide a solution for compared to standard requests. You can speed up the processing time by including all the information found in this article when submitting your request 
  • Lost Bitpanda Pro API key
    If you have lost your Bitpanda Pro API key, then you may delete the key and create a new one as long as you still have access to your account. When creating the new API key, please keep it in a secure location so that only you have access to it and you don’t lose it
  • Email not received
    Find out what you can do if you did not receive emails 

Note: For security reasons, Bitpanda will never tell you what your API key is. Therefore please keep your API keys safely secured and accessible to you at all times.

Tip: Sending too many requests in a short period will result in blocked requests with HTTP status 429. The current limit is 240 requests per minute.

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