What fees can I expect to pay for trading and how is the price determined on Bitpanda Pro?

To see an overview of all fee levels on Bitpanda Pro, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Bitpanda Pro
  2. Click on your User Icon
  3. Click on Fee levels

Tip: You can also see all fee levels for Bitpanda Pro here.

Fee levels

The maker fees start at 0.1000% and the taker fees start at 0.1500%, and decrease with higher 30-day trading volumes.


30d trading volume

Maker fee

Maker fee (when paid with BEST)*

Taker fee 

Taker fee (when paid with BEST)*


≥ 0 BTC






≥ 100 BTC






≥ 250 BTC






≥ 1000 BTC






≥ 5000 BTC






≥ 10000 BTC






≥ 20000 BTC





This table was last updated on 03.03.2020. Only the fee levels at this link have full validity.

*Get an additional discount of 20% when using BEST for paying trading fees.

How is the 30-day trading volume calculated?

Every day between 12 pm and 2 am (CET) your trading volume during the last 30 days is calculated. Your fee level will be updated accordingly after this 24 hour cycle has been completed. Before that, the fees from your current fee level apply. The trading volume will be calculated in Bitcoin (BTC) even if you have never traded BTC.

What are maker and taker fees?

The maker and taker model is used to differentiate fees between trade orders that provide liquidity to the market (maker orders) and take away liquidity from the market (taker orders).


When you create an order that doesn’t match with an already existing order in the order book, you become a “maker” (because you create a new order which needs to be matched by a “taker”). In this case, you add liquidity to the market, which is why you will be charged the “maker fee”.


When you create an order and it gets matched with an existing order in the order book, you become a “taker” (because you completed someone else’s buy or sell order). In this case, you take liquidity from the market, which is why you will be charged the “taker fee”.

Tip: You can see your current maker and taker fee directly in the Order section on the left hand side of the Exchange view.

If you cancel an order before execution, no fees will be charged.

How is the price determined?

The price of a certain cryptocurrency and digital asset on Bitpanda Pro is not defined by Bitpanda itself, it is defined by our users, through their buy and sell orders in the order book.

For example, if you want to sell an asset and ask for a certain price through an order in the order book, and another user buys the asset for the price you asked for, then both of you have defined the price of the respective asset. This is called “price discovery”. 

What is the spread?

The spread is the difference between the lowest ask price (sell order) and the highest bid price (buy order).

For example, imagine there are only two users in a market. You and another user. If you want to sell an asset and ask for a certain price through an order in the order book, but the other user bids to only buy it at a lower price, then the difference of what you asked for and what the other user bid, is called spread. Of course there are many other users in any market and only the difference between the overall lowest ask and highest bid price is the Current spread.

The Current spread can be seen on the left hand side of the Exchange view in the center of the Order book.

What is the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) and what are the benefits?

BEST is the Bitpanda token that offers around 1 million Bitpanda users a wide range of benefits, perks and rewards within the Bitpanda ecosystem. It is issued by Bitpanda. By investing in BEST, you will be able to pay trading fees on Bitpanda Pro using BEST and receive a reduction up to 20% on your trading fees starting from October 30th, 2019. You will also gain priority access to the Bitpanda Launchpad, which will be available later, and benefit from a wide range of upcoming features, benefits and rewards.

It will play a vital role in Bitpanda’s global expansion and in making our vision of changing the rules of investing a reality. BEST is the fuel of the Bitpanda ecosystem, which means that Bitpanda, Bitpanda Pro and future products like the Bitpanda Launchpad will make heavy use of incorporating it and offering users, who hold it, exclusive benefits, rewards and perks.

How does the fee and premium reduction work?

All users holding BEST in their BEST wallet on Bitpanda or on Bitpanda Pro will be able to pay trading premiums, trading fees and metals storage fees using BEST starting from October 30th, 2019 and will receive a discount of 20% for doing so. You just have to activate the feature, depending on where you want to get the discount.

Note: You need to activate the feature on Bitpanda and on Bitpanda Pro separately. Activating it on one platform does not automatically activate it on the other.

Tip: To activate the feature on Bitpanda Pro, go to Settings by clicking on the User Icon and activate the button next to “Enable Pay trading fees with BEST”.

Learn all the details in our blog.

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