Acknowledgement Statement for Crypto Withdrawal

In order to process your recent withdrawal, we need to make sure that you are aware of common risk scenarios, that they are not relevant to you and that you take full responsibility for previous and future transactions.

To release the transaction:

1) Please carefully read and review the points below.

Registering on Bitpanda was entirely my decision and no one requested it of me.

I did not sign up for a Bitpanda account because of any of the following reasons:

- At the request of a third party offering their services

- Someone I met online on social media or a dating platform is now in sudden need

- A job offer which would make me a part of a money laundering scheme for fraudsters

I have not been assisted by an organisation or a person while creating or managing my Bitpanda account.

At no point while using Bitpanda have I been contacted, assisted or directed by an individual or an organisation, including traders, brokers, advisors, technical support staff, Bitpanda employees (unless informed via email to expect a call from Bitpanda) or anyone communicating on social media to sign up for an account or to manage it.

I have not given access to my computer or my account to anyone via apps or programs.

No one has approached me to ask me to give remote access to my computer or my Bitpanda account to complete transactions.

If at any time I send coins to a wallet that I do not own or to an address someone provided me with, I am aware that I immediately and irrevocably lose access to these coins. I am also aware that cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed. 

If you are sending coins to an exchange or a platform which you do not possess the private keys to the wallets for, please write down the URL(website) of that exchange.

If I lose my money to a scam, I accept full responsibility. I acknowledge that I have been warned by Bitpanda about the risks related to the transfer of cryptocurrencies and scams in particular. If I lose my funds, I recognise that Bitpanda is not liable for the losses.

If some of these statements are not true, please clarify which of the statements are not true in the ticket that you send us.

2) If you are confident that none of the listed scenarios are relevant to you and you take full responsibility for potential risks, we kindly ask you to identify yourself by sending us a selfie whilst holding the ID document you used for your verification (ID card or passport), next to a handwritten note with the following information displayed:

"I acknowledge that the provided statements are true regarding my Bitpanda account"

Write the date and your location and sign the paper.


Open a new support ticket via our contact form and attach the picture to the ticket.

Note: Please note that the document needs to be fully visible and ensure that all edges of the document are visible. We cannot accept cut-off documents as valid proof of identity. Also, we cannot accept scans, low resolution or edited images.

As soon as we receive the requested information, we will process your withdrawal.

However, if you do not provide us with the requested information within the next 48 hours, we will cancel your withdrawal and refund the amount back to your wallet.

Thank you for your cooperation.