Taxation on cryptocurrency in Austria

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As of March 1, 2022, a reformed crypto tax protocol has been in place in Austria. This new protocol entails significant changes regarding which crypto-related activities are considered taxable under Austrian law. In addition, a new crypto tax rate has been introduced.

For more information about the taxation on realised capital gains from cryptocurrencies, please refer to section 27b of the EStG (Austrian Income Tax Act).

Non-taxable services on Bitpanda

The following activities on Bitpanda are currently not subject to taxation for taxable users in Austria:

  • Buying crypto with fiat
  • Holding crypto without selling
  • Moving crypto between wallets
  • Trading crypto to crypto

Bitpanda Swaps and Index rebalancing

The rebalancing of our Bitpanda Crypto Indices is treated as crypto-to-crypto trading and is thus excluded from taxation.

Our Bitpanda Swap product is currently treated as crypto-to-crypto trading and is thus excluded from taxation. As the BMF (Federal Ministry of Finance) is still working on a more detailed regulation in this regard, this information might be subject to change in the future.

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