Bitpanda Pro Terms and Conditions Update FAQs

This page gives you an overview about the most frequently asked questions by our users regarding the Bitpanda Pro Terms and Conditions update. 

  • How do I accept the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) as a Pro customer? 
    • When logging into Bitpanda Pro via website or mobile app, there will be a T&Cs pop-up. After familiarising yourself with the update, you can agree to the T&Cs by clicking “Accept”. 
  • Why are you updating Bitpanda Pro Terms and Conditions?
    • Bitpanda Pro is updating its Terms and Conditions as an essential step to expanding our product offering for our customers. By changing your Applicable Bitpanda Provider to Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l we are enabled to deliver against our exciting product roadmap that will enhance your customer experience which includes more market listings, more fiat currency options, a higher performance exchange and greater market liquidity with improved institutional onboarding experience.
  • How do I then become a customer of Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l.?
    • Accepting the Bitpanda Pro Terms and Conditions will register you as a customer to Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l. from October 12th, 2022.
    • By doing so you will also remain a customer of Bitpanda GmbH for provision of services outside of Bitpanda Pro and continue to access Bitpanda’s other applications and services.
    • Please note you will not be able to access Bitpanda Pro without becoming a customer of Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l.
  • How do I make fiat transfers after the T&C update?
    • If you have previously used Bitpanda Pro, you should note that the IBAN used for fiat deposits to Bitpanda Pro changed.
    • Any standing orders from your bank account should be updated to reflect the new Bitpanda Pro IBAN from 12. October, 2022 onwards.
    • For users visiting the Bitpanda Pro website or mobile app to transfer fiat money, a new IBAN will be shown in the user interface which should replace any existing IBAN.
    • If you transfer fiat money via the old IBAN, we can retrieve your assets if you raise a support ticket.
    • Please note, we will be temporarily removing debit and credit card transfer options for Bitpanda Pro.
    • Users with Swiss Francs on the platform will need to set up a new pay-out account.
  • How do I make crypto deposits after the T&C update?
    • There will be no change in crypto deposits after T&C update. If you have generated a deposit address for crypto assets, this will remain the same.
    • If you have not generated a crypto deposit address, please follow our Helpdesk article here.
  • Can I still move assets between Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda Broker after the T&C update?
    • Yes! You will continue to be able to move assets between Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda Broker.
    • You can do so in the same way as before through the Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda Broker user interfaces - your user experience will stay the same.
    • Please note, with the T&C update in case of fiat, this is completed by requesting an assumption of debt by the respective other Bitpanda entity. 
  • What happens when I accept the T&Cs and the changes?
    • You will be registered by Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l. as a Bitpanda Pro user from October 12th, 2022. Therefore, all new orders on Bitpanda Pro are placed with Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l., and Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l. will also issue all new Pro-F-Token as set out in the Bitpanda Pro T&Cs.
    • If you funded your Bitpanda Pro account with fiat money, then you can buy crypto assets or withdraw such funds as before.
    • If you hold crypto assets on Bitpanda Pro, your wallet will then be maintained by Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l.. There is no further user initiated change required to use crypto assets on Bitpanda Pro.
  • What happens if I don’t accept T&Cs by October 12th, 2022?
    • In this case, you will not be registered as a user with Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l..
    • If you had funds on Bitpanda Pro prior to 12. October, 2022, these funds will stay with Bitpanda GmbH and will be moved from the Bitpanda Pro onto the Bitpanda application. You can transfer assets back to Bitpanda Pro after accepting the Terms and Conditions.
    • Please note, you will not be able to use Bitpanda Pro in this case.
    • All open orders on Bitpanda Pro will be cancelled automatically.
    • API keys with ‘trade’ or ‘withdraw’ permission will be revoked, and new keys will have to be set up via the Bitpanda Pro interface in case you accept the T&Cs after October 12th (note that keys with ‘read’ permission are not impacted).
    • If you do not want to accept the Bitpanda Pro T&Cs and would like your assets to be transferred to Bitpanda Broker ahead of time, please raise a ticket by navigating to the “Bitpanda Pro Miscellaneous” dropdown.
  • Can I still accept T&Cs after October 12th, 2022?
    • At any point after October 12th, 2022 you can still accept the Bitpanda Pro T&C and therefore use Bitpanda Pro. In this case, you will be registered as a user with Bitpanda Pro Europe S.r.l.. 


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