Introducing Coach: Your AI Sparring Partner for Financial Growth

Coach is our AI-driven sparring partner designed to support you on your investment journey. Although Coach won't provide direct investment advice or tell you which assets to buy, it will offer valuable insights and educational content to help you make informed decisions.

Why Coach?

Retail investors often lack a single point of contact for retrieving asset information and educational resources within our app. Coach aims to solve this by acting as a reliable source for investment knowledge, portfolio analysis, and the latest market news.

Key Benefits of Coach

  • Investment Knowledge: Coach provides comprehensive information about various investment opportunities.
  • Portfolio Analysis: It analyzes your investment portfolio to offer insights into your asset allocation strategies.
  • Market Updates: Stay informed with up-to-date news and market insights about the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio.
  • Savings Plans: Coach prompts you to create savings plans to help achieve your financial goals.
  • Continuous Learning: Coach will periodically contact you with new ideas and insights to aid your financial growth.


  • Diverse Product Details: Get detailed information about Bitpanda's diverse offerings and services.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Receive a thorough analysis of your investment portfolio for better asset allocation.
  • Market Insights: Access the latest news and market updates about cryptocurrencies.
  • Savings Plan Suggestions: Create and manage savings plans to reach your financial objectives.
  • Ongoing Development: We are continually adding new features and skills to Coach.

How Coach Works

Coach engages in one continuous conversation, acting like a human coach, to support you when you need information. Behind the scenes, Coach uses a Playbook to ensure that the most important topics are covered during your interactions.


Currently, Coach is available exclusively on the web platform. It is in the experimental stages and will be initially rolled out to a select group of users. If you’re interested in trying Coach, you can join the waitlist. Please note that you need a Bitpanda account to access Coach.

Important Notes

  • Non-Advisory Role: Coach does not provide financial advice or recommend specific assets.
  • Experimental Stage: Coach is currently in a trial phase and available to a limited number of users.
  • Waitlist: Join the waitlist to get early access to Coach.
  • Account Requirement: A Bitpanda account is necessary to use Coach.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve and expand the capabilities of Coach to better serve your financial needs!