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Note: There are currently impostors in our Telegram group pretending to be official admins. We will never contact you or reply to any direct messages. Therefore, please be wary if someone, impersonating a Bitpanda staff member, reaches out to you, without you initiating the conversation first. Therefore, please take a look at the list of all official Bitpanda admins.

Rules and infos

  • Be nice to each other and talk about things related to Bitpanda
  • Promoting other brokers, exchanges, ICOs, projects or ref links will result in a ban
  • Posting fake prices/price charts will result in a ban
  • Do not post personal information and documents
  • Bitpanda employees will never contact you via direct messages
  • For support questions, please read our helpdesk

Note: Before you are able to chat in this group you have to finish a short quiz by the Bitpanda Community bot. This quiz helps protect the group from scammers and spamming. After you have completed it you are able to chat in all official Bitpanda Telegram groups. 

Official admins

You can recognize official Bitpanda staff members by the grey "admin" phrase on the right side of their name.


You can also check the so-called "handle" (@clemens_bitpanda) by clicking on the user's icon.


Currently the official admins are:

  • Clemens | Bitpanda @clemens_bitpanda
  • Philipp | Bitpanda @philipp_bitpanda
  • Michael | Bitpanda @michael_bitpanda
  • Valentin | Bitpanda @valentin_bitpanda
  • Edith | Bitpanda @edith_bitpanda
  • Dec | Bitpanda @dec_bitpanda
  • Raphael | Bitpanda @raphael_bitpanda

There may be other admins, but they are not in charge of support.

Official Telegram groups

Here you can talk with other Bitpanda users and have a direct connection to Bitpanda employees:

Bitpanda Official (English)
Bitpanda Official (German)
Bitpanda Official (French)
Bitpanda Announcements (Official)
Stay up to date on our official Bitpanda Announcements channel.
For questions on Pantos, please use the official Pantos group.
BEST Official (English)
BEST Official (German)
BEST Official (French)

Note: Please note that admins will not comment on things like new products, additional coins/tokens or exact release dates if they have not yet been officially announced.

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