Bitpanda API Key and price ticker API


With our API Key feature you can generate private API keys to give your apps access to your Bitpanda data.

Create an API key

To create an API key, please follow these steps: 

Desktop Mobile App (Android)
  1. Click on your User icon
  2. Click on API Key
  3. At Application name give the key a unique name
  4. Add an expiry date (optional)
  5. Define the scope of the API key
  6. Click on Generate new API key
  7. Click on Copy and make sure you save the newly created private API key, since you won't be able to access it again
  8. Your newly created API key will appear at Active API keys
  9. You can revoke an API key at any time by clicking on the red Revoke button. Your API key will then no longer be shown under Active API keys

The API key scope can be defined as the following:

  • Trading
  • Transaction
  • Balance

Read more about API keys in our official developer documentation:

Price ticker API

If you want to integrate a Bitpanda price ticker into your website or blog, you can find our price ticker API here:

If you need further information please contact us.

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