Email address change

Your email address is essential for the security of your account. Hence, changing it requires an identity verification on our side.

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and write the following information on it:
    • "Bitpanda Email Address Change"
    • Your new email address
    • Today's date
  2. Take a picture of your identity document next to the handwritten note:

    Email address change_4.png

  3. Send us the picture via our contact form.

Write your new email address as plain text into your message to speed up your request.

Avoid common mistakes

To guarantee the fastest turnaround, please avoid the following mistakes:

  • All information must be clearly readable and all edges of the document fully visible
  • We do not accept expired documents
  • We do not accept scans
  • We do not accept photos of yourself holding the documents
  • We do not accept the same email address being used in two Bitpanda accounts. If another account is already using your new email address, please let us know in your message