What is the price alert feature?

Our price alert feature gives you the possibility to receive a notification via email when the price of a specific cryptocurrency hits the target price you have defined.

Create a price alert

To create a price alert, please follow these steps: 

Desktop Mobile App (Android) Mobile App (iOS)
  1. Log in to your Bitpanda account
  2. Click on Prices
  3. Select the specific cryptocurrency or digital asset you wish to create a price alert for
  4. Click on the Bell icon
  5. Set the chosen Target price for your selection and then click Add alert

You have now successfully created a price alert for your selected cryptocurrency or digital asset. This process can be repeated as many times as you want if you wish to create multiple price alerts for several cryptocurrencies and digital assets that are available on Bitpanda.

Our price alert notifications will be sent via email, so make sure you are not having trouble receiving our emails if you do not want to miss out.

Tip: It is only possible to create price alerts for the cryptocurrencies and digital assets offered on Bitpanda.

Remove a price alert

In order to remove an existing price alert, click on the Delete icon delete_x.png next to it.