What is the price alert feature?

Our price alert feature makes it possible for users to get notified, when the chart of one the cryptocurrencies offered on our site reaches a certain value.

You can find this feature under Coins.

To set up a price alert just click on Create new Pricealert. Then choose the currency and the value you want to get notified at. You will get the notification via email. You are also able to set up more than one price alert at the same time.

Trouble receiving emails?

If you have trouble receiving emails from us, there are several reasons that could cause the problem:

  • Make sure you check your mailbox folders like spam, advertisements, and others. Often, automated emails from unknown senders are placed there.
  • If you still cannot find it, it is possible that your email provider is blocking it, in this case please try to whitelist our email addresses. Add them to your address book or tag them as trusted.

Note: It is only possible to create price alerts for the cryptocurrencies offered on Bitpanda.

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