Bitpanda Card 3D Secure authentication (3DS)

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication step that helps to prevent fraud when you are shopping online with your Bitpanda Card. Bitpanda enables you to verify any of your online payments with a simple tab in the Bitpanda mobile app. This allows for better security, a better user experience and is in line with the standards of the European Commission (PSD2).

How does 3D Secure work?

Bitpanda and Visa use state-of-the-art risk systems to detect potential fraud when you shop online. When detected, we will send you a push notification with the request to authenticate the payment via your Bitpanda App.

In order to authenticate your transaction with 3DS, you have to log in to the Bitpanda App. After logging in, a payment summary will be displayed in a window for confirmation (Confirm payment) or rejection (Reject payment). You can also change the payment asset used for this transaction before proceeding with the confirmation by selecting it on this screen if needed.

authorization_notification_v2.png   authorization_IOS_.png   authorization_confirmed.png

After you have confirmed the 3DS authentication, you will be prompted to return to the merchant’s website which will display the confirmation of the successful purchase.


  • Time expired
    Please note that the 3DS secure authentication expires after 10 minutes for security reasons. Therefore, in order to confirm the payment, always check the Bitpanda app when prompted by the merchant website within the time limit. If the confirmation time has expired, the payment is automatically declined.
  • Confirmation request not visible in-app
    Make sure to have the latest version of the Bitpanda App installed to receive the authentication request on your phone.
  • Lost/broken smartphone or no access to the mobile app
    If you cannot access the Bitpanda App via your phone, you will need to download the application on a new phone and link it to your Bitpanda account via our email confirmation service.

Note: If you need help with resetting your two-factor authentication (2FA), have a look at this guide.