Bitpanda Discord group


Rules and information

  • Be nice to each other and talk about things related to Bitpanda
  • Promoting other brokers, exchanges, ICOs, projects or referral links will result in a ban
  • Posting fake prices/price charts will result in a ban
  • Attempts at price riggingor pump & dump schemes will result in a ban
  • Spreading FUD (“Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”) or FOMO (“Fear of missing out”) will result in a ban
  • For your security, please deselect the option which allows other server members to send you a direct message. You can find this option under “Privacy Settings”. Make sure you are verified before you deselect this option, as it prevents direct messages from server bots
  • Do not post personal information and documents
  • Bitpanda team members will never contact you via direct messages
  • For support questions, please read our Helpdesk

Note: To be able to chat on this server, you have to verify your account using “Double Counter”. You must also manually check the server rules. After verifying your account, you will be able to chat in all the official Bitpanda Discord channels. 

Note: If you have disabled DMs in Discord, you will not receive private messages from our verification bot.

Official admins

If you are using Discord, then it is important that you know who the real Bitpanda team members are. 

You can recognise the official Bitpanda team by the red text in their names and “Admin” role.

Currently, the official admins are:

  • Christian | Bitpanda#9281
  • David | Bitpanda#5489
  • Eda | Bitpanda#3919
  • Flo | Bitpanda#4958 
  • Jacek | Pantos#0714
  • Max | Bitpanda#3401
  • Terry | Bitpanda#3711

Official moderators

You can recognise moderators by the violet text in their names and the role “Moderator”.

Moderators support the community by answering questions and providing assistance. They are not official Bitpanda team members, but are active members of the community who would like to support us with their help. If you also want to become a moderator, please contact us via our contact form. Be as active as possible in the community and help other members by answering questions.

Currently, the official moderators are:

  • Der1Wolf#1070
  • IxeYgrek#3533
  • best_PANdabear#7675 
  • bertholomaeus#9758
  • BPMsowhat#1373
  • DoodleSack#7775
  • Pele#6673
  • p_h_i_l#9101

Official Discord

Note: Please note that admins will not comment on things like new products, additional coins/tokens or exact release dates if they have not been officially announced yet.

Bitpanda Official