Bitpanda Staking

What is Bitpanda Staking?

Bitpanda now offers the opportunity to earn weekly rewards by staking your assets with just one button. 

Staking allows you to participate in the transaction validation on Proof-of-Stake blockchains, for which you will be rewarded by the network.

With Proof of Stake crypto-assets, staking is the process of committing assets to a blockchain network to validate transactions. Earning with Bitpanda allows you to become a guarantor of the validity of any new transactions added to the blockchain. More committed assets mean a more secure network.

How does it work?

To get started you just need to:

  1. Hold the asset you wish to stake
  2. Select your preferred asset
  3. Choose the amount
  4. Click on Stake now

Your rewards are automatically re-staked to increase your gains. But you can stake and unstake your crypto at any time.

To unstake your assets, you just need to:

  1. Go to the staked asset detail page
  2. Click on Unstake
  3. Choose the amount
  4. Click on Unstake now

Once you’ve unstaked your assets, you’ll be able to trade your coins and tokens as normal.

What cryptocurrencies can I stake on Bitpanda?

Check the full list of stakeable coins on our Bitpanda Staking page.

What are staking rewards?

Rewards depend on different factors like your BEST VIP level and the number of days you plan to stake for.

Bitpanda Staking rewards are distributed every week on Tuesday, independent of any rewards schemes that individual tokens or coins may have. BEST VIP levels have higher estimated yields. Learn more

Note: Please note that Bitpanda cannot guarantee any rewards.

Where can I see my rewards?

You can see your rewards on the History page in the app or on the wallet page of transactions. 

Is there a lock-in period?

No, there is no lock-in period. You can unstake your assets at any time.

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards are distributed on each Tuesday, at 18:00, for all coins. The rewards are calculated proportionally, taking into account 24 hours time periods during which the user has staked each coin respectively.

Staking usually requires a period where the assets can’t be transferred or traded. With flexible staking from Bitpanda, there is no lock-in period, which allows you to unstake and trade at any time.

What's an APY?

The estimated reward you receive through Bitpanda Staking is calculated through an Annual Percentage Yield, meaning that is the compound interest generated yearly on your initial staked balance, which is automatically re-staked every week. Please note that this estimated percentage shown varies based on the staking network, traffic on the network originally offering staking rewards and the calculations by Bitpanda.

What fees are associated with Bitpanda Staking?

Bitpanda will for the provision of the Staking Services charge a commission which will be automatically deducted before Rewards will be distributed to the Bitpanda Client.

Each Proof of Stake crypto-asset has different fees and rewards, however, Bitpanda always tries to get the best execution possible. Also, with Bitpanda you are not tied to lock-in or waiting periods, therefore, your rewards will be paid out every week.

Can I use my Bitpanda Card with my staked coins?

Staked assets cannot be used with the card. In order to make a payment with a staked asset, you have to unstake it first.

How long does it take to receive my reward?

You can expect to receive the rewards on Tuesday every week. However, Bitpanda at no time guarantees payment of rewards. Bitpanda is not responsible for delays in payment due to technical limitations.

What are risks entailed with staking? 

It is still possible to incur losses if the value of the coin goes down and the losses, thus, are higher than the rewards received from staking. Staking rewards are impacted by factors outside of the control of Bitpanda GmbH, e.g. changes of the protocols of Staking Asset Network, technical disruptions. Bitpanda can therefore not guarantee any specific staking reward or return over time.