Flare (FLR) Airdrop

As already communicated earlier, Bitpanda supports Flare Network’s Airdrop. This means that as a Bitpanda customer who held XRP at the time of the airdrop, you will get FLR tokens credited to your Bitpanda (broker) account.

During the Flare Network airdrop event on the 10th of January, 2023, Bitpanda received the first batch of the Flare airdrop (15% of the total Bitpanda claim) from the Flare Foundation. The distribution method of the remaining 85% will depend on the outcome of a community vote on Flare Improvement Proposal 01 (FIP.01), which will most likely take place in February 2023.

Due to current uncertainties caused by the pending result of the community vote, it is possible that selling the first batch (15%) of the airdrop will lead to losing the claim of the remaining 85%.

Please note that the proposal's outcome is out of our control. However, we will take the necessary steps to increase our customers' chances of receiving the upcoming airdrops.