Why is Bitpanda Pro evolving to become One Trading?

Bitpanda Pro has evolved to become its own business as One Trading, so we can channel our resources and expertise more effectively to serve the unique requirements of our sophisticated retail and institutional customers. This will enable One Trading to focus on developing a best-in-class platform tailored to these segments. 

One Trading is a standalone company that has been spun off from Bitpanda. Although it is no longer directly part of Bitpanda, One Trading continues to be supported by Bitpanda, as well as leading venture capital firms such as Speedinvest, Middlegame, and Valar. This backing from both Bitpanda and prominent investors ensures that One Trading has the resources and expertise needed to provide best-in-class solutions to its customers.

One Trading operates as a separately operated company with a dedicated management team and a diverse group of investors, which Bitpanda is proud to be a part of, holding a minority stake in One Trading. Together with other investors, Bitpanda contributes to the success of One Trading, ensuring that customers receive exceptional solutions and services.


How can I log in to One Trading for the first time?

  • New customers to One Trading can log in by visiting www.onetrading.com, creating their password, and setting up 2FA.
  • If you have previously used Bitpanda Pro, you can create a One Trading account by following the login link on www.onetrading.com while you are logged in to Bitpanda or Bitpanda Pro. You will be prompted to create a new password and set up 2-factor authentication specifically for your One Trading account.
  • If you have already created a new One Trading account, please ensure you use your One Trading email address, password, and 2FA credentials to access your account. Do not use your Bitpanda or Bitpanda Pro login credentials.

Do I need to re-do onboarding, ID verification or re-do KYC?

  • No, there is no need to redo the onboarding process, ID verification, or KYC (Know Your Customer) if you have already completed them for Bitpanda Pro. Your existing onboarding and KYC status will continue to apply, allowing you to continue trading seamlessly without any additional verification requirements.

Do I need to download a new Android / Apple App?

  • No, you will not need to download a new Android or Apple app. The existing Bitpanda Pro app will be updated to reflect the new user experience and rebranded designs as One Trading. This means that you can continue using the same app you have installed, and the changes will be seamlessly integrated into the updated version of the app.

Are assets held on the platform fully collateralised?

  • Yes, at One Trading, we prioritise the security and transparency of our customers' assets. Your assets held on the platform are fully collateralised, providing you with reassurance and protection. To ensure transparency, we have gone a step further with our reserves having been disclosed and reviewed as part of a KPMG report related to Bitpanda’s reserves. 

Do I need to make any updates to the API links I have built? 

  • API endpoints:
  • Existing API tokens and permissions apply, so should be a cosmetic change
  • At this time, no changes or updates are required for your existing APIs. You can continue using them as they are without any modifications. We will notify you in advance if any changes to the API links become necessary in the future.

Can I transfer my assets between One Trading and Bitpanda?

  • For transferring crypto assets between One Trading and Bitpanda, you will need to initiate a withdrawal from one platform to the deposit address of the other platform. This withdrawal will occur on-chain via a blockchain network and will be treated as a regular third-party transfer. To obtain the deposit address, you can follow the "Deposit" instructions provided on either platform.
  • When it comes to transferring fiat funds between One Trading and Bitpanda, it will be necessary to conduct a withdrawal to your bank or payment account. This withdrawal can be initiated from either platform's user interface.
  • It's important to note that direct “internal” transfers of crypto or fiat funds between One Trading and Bitpanda are not possible, as communicated on 20th June.

Are my crypto assets safe?

  • Your crypto assets are kept safe by industry-leading crypto custody technology using multi-party computation to share the private key and secure assets. Additionally, we have 24/7 monitoring and coverage by our operations and engineering teams to respond to any and all events.
  • 2-factor authentication methods safeguard your account and any crypto assets held with One Trading.

Is One Trading a secure platform?

  • One Trading is a highly secure platform; we are fully regulated in Europe and audited by our regulators; we use state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure your data is secure and confidential. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and staff trained to respond to any cybersecurity threats.

What fiat funding method can I use?

  • Currently, accounts can be funded with EUR, GBP, or CHF through a bank transfer. 

Will I have to change the bank account details to fund my account with Fiat?

  • At this moment, it is not required to change the bank account/funding details for fiat. However, if you wish to update your bank account for deposits or withdrawals in the future, you can do so by logging in to One Trading and navigating to the "Deposit" or “Withdraw” section. There, you will find the necessary options to modify your funding details.

Do I have to change the crypto deposit addresses to deposit crypto?

  • Yes, it is necessary for customers to generate new crypto deposit addresses specifically for One Trading in order to deposit crypto assets. Using the old Bitpanda Pro addresses for crypto transfers may result in significant delays in crediting the assets to the One Trading exchange. To ensure a smooth and prompt deposit process, it is strongly recommended that customers generate new One Trading crypto deposit addresses and exclusively use them for making crypto deposits. This helps streamline the deposit flow and ensures efficient handling of your crypto assets on the One Trading platform.

How is my data being processed, and where will my data be held?

  • The protection of your personal data has the highest priority for us. We therefore process data only in line with our [Data Privacy Policy] and the applicable Data Protection legislation, particularly including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Do my fiat funds sit with Bitpanda?

  • Bitpanda Pro is only rebranding to One Trading, and there is no change in legal entities. Fiat funds held with Bitpanda Pro will therefore continue to be held with One Trading.
  • You can view your available fiat balances by navigating to the "Accounts" section and accessing the fiat balances.
  • Please note, assets held with Bitpanda remain unaffected and continue to be held within the Bitpanda platform.

Can I withdraw or fund my account with assets?

  • Yes, assets can be withdrawn, and you can fund your account with assets by navigating to the deposit and withdrawal sections on the One Trading website or apps.

Will One Trading be supporting BEST benefits?

  • No, One Trading will not be supporting BEST benefits.

Will there be any downtime or service interruptions during the transition process?

  • Our team is working diligently to ensure a seamless transition for our users. While we strive to avoid any disruptions, there may be some brief periods of scheduled maintenance or updates. We will communicate any planned downtime in advance and take necessary measures to minimize the impact on your experience. Our goal is to provide uninterrupted service throughout the transition process.

Will my open orders be cancelled?

  • Your open orders will not be cancelled during our maintenance period. Orders will remain open on the platform unless otherwise specified.

Will One Trading retain the existing fee structure?

  • Yes, One Trading will indeed retain the existing fee structure listed at www.onetrading.com/fees. Moreover, your previous trading volume history from Bitpanda Pro will be taken into account and counted towards determining your fee tier on One Trading. This ensures that you can continue to benefit from the fee structure and fee tiers you have previously established, allowing for a seamless transition and continuity in terms of fees on our platform.

Can I still access my Bitpanda Pro account history and past transactions in the One Trading app or platform?

  • Yes, you can still access your account history and past transactions in the One Trading app and platform. Even though we have rebranded and made updates to certain features or their placements within the app/platform, rest assured that no data is lost or deleted. You will have full access to your account history and transaction records as before.

How can I reach out if I need support?

  • If you need support or have any questions, please visit One Trading's Help Center. A dedicated Customer Care team is ready to assist you with any concerns or enquiries you may have.