Bitpanda Tell-a-Friend Program

Bitpanda offers the following Tell-a-Friend Program:

  • You receive a 10 EUR bonus for every referred, fully verified user. The payout in USD, CHF or GBP is also possible.
  • Additionally, the referred person also receives a bonus of 5 EUR

To refer a potential user, they must register directly via your individual link, which you can find in your account under Tell a Friend. The link must be used by an unregistered user. If the registration is not done via your link, you will not receive the bonus for it. A retrospective credit, or subsequently adding a user to your referrals, is unfortunately not possible.

The payout is made the next day at 9 am, as a voucher balance into your default Fiat Wallet. The bonus for the advertiser or the advertised person takes place only when the referred person has a turnover in the amount of 100 EUR.

Note: Due to regulatory reasons recruiting users with residence in Germany is not allowed. However, if your residence is in Germany you still can recruit users from a third country.

If you have an affiliate website, whereby you can send us traffic for users interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies, we'd love to hear from you. Find out more about our affiliate program.

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