Bitpanda Tell-a-Friend programme


Love Bitpanda? Why not tell a friend

Get your friends involved with Bitpanda the easy way. Just send them your personal referral link in order to help them become part of our growing community.

With Tell-a-Friend, you receive EUR 2 for every successfully referred friend. The referred user will also receive a reward of EUR 2. This is just our way of saying thank you.

Note: Please note that our Tell-a-Friend programme is a friend invitation programme only. If you wish to recommend our services to a wider audience, please apply for our affiliate programme.

Tip: To read the latest news about any potential bonus campaigns, please have a look at this website

Tip: If you have more questions about our Tell-a-Friend programme, contact us here. For general questions, please have a look at our Helpdesk.


To receive your reward, the referred friend must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a brand new Bitpanda user, which means that they must not have created a Bitpanda account before
  • Complete their sign-up using your referral link
  • Verify their account
  • Complete a fiat deposit of at least EUR 25 on their new account on Bitpanda
  • Trade a minimum of EUR 25 on their new account on Bitpanda

Note: All steps need to be completed on Bitpanda. It won't work if your friend uses Bitpanda Pro for the deposit or trade.

Referral process

YouYour friends
  1. Create your own Bitpanda account
  2. Distribute your unique referral link amongst your friends and family or send your friends an invite
  3. For each referred friend who meets the requirements, you will receive 2 EUR on your Bitpanda account

Note: Due to regulatory reasons, recruiting users who reside in Germany is not allowed. If, however, your residence is in Germany, you can still recruit users from a third country.

Note: Please note that our Tell-a-Friend programme is not available to users residing in Turkey.


The payout is made instantly, as a voucher balance into your fiat wallet on Bitpanda. The reward is only given to the referrer or the referred friend if the referred user meets all requirements.

Note: A retrospective credit, or subsequently adding a user to your referrals, is unfortunately not possible.

Keep in mind

To avoid potential issues, please make sure that you and your friend prepare the following:

  • Disable all ad blockers
  • Allow your browser to track cookies, avoid clearing your browsing data and cookies and do not deactivate or delete cookies before or after clicking the referral link and during the sign-up process
  • Make sure you do not use the private/incognito mode in your browser
  • Please make sure that the referral link is from someone you know and is real
  • Make sure that your antivirus software, firewall app or VPN is not causing any complications

Note: Please note that Bitpanda does not allow multiple accounts for one person and that abusing our Tell-a-Friend programme by opening additional accounts will lead to the deactivation of all your accounts.

Become an Affiliate

If you have an affiliate website whereby you can send us traffic for users interested in buying and selling digital assets, we would love to hear from you. Find out more about our affiliate programme.

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