Withdrawal limits

At Bitpanda, ensuring the security of our platform is our highest priority. To enhance our service quality and ensure security, we have introduced withdrawal limitations for specific payment methods.


How withdrawal limits work

The amount available for withdrawal is determined by subtracting the amount pending confirmation from your portfolio's total available balance. Although these funds cannot be immediately withdrawn, they are fully accessible for buying, selling, and swapping assets within your account.


Payment method specifics

Online transfers

When initiating an online transfer, please anticipate a processing time of one to two working days for Bitpanda to receive the funds from your bank. Once the funds are received, they become immediately available for withdrawals in fiat or cryptocurrency.



When utilising Sofort, even though the funds you deposit are made available immediately, it takes up to 1 working day until fully confirmed. While these funds are available for buying, selling and swapping, they can only be withdrawn after they are confirmed, at which point the funds are unblocked, allowing for immediate withdrawals in fiat or crypto.



The deposited amount will not be immediately available for withdrawals. However, you can utilise these funds for trades. Withdrawals are only permitted after a 7-day waiting period, after which you can withdraw the amount in cash or cryptocurrency.


Withdrawals under review by Bitpanda’s Compliance team

As a regulated financial institution, Bitpanda occasionally reviews transactions to uphold safety standards. If your withdrawal is in review, you will receive both an email and a push notification. Typically, this review process is swift, and upon approval, the funds are immediately released. Please be assured that this is a standard procedure designed to safeguard your funds and maintain the integrity of our platform.


Minimum withdrawal amounts

For both cash and cryptocurrency withdrawals, minimum amounts apply:

  • Cash: The minimum withdrawal amount is €10.
  • Crypto: The minimum withdrawal amount equals the total available balance in your wallet minus applicable fees. If your balance is insufficient, you will either be unable to initiate a withdrawal or receive a notification indicating insufficient funds. For more details on withdrawal limits, please refer to our comprehensive guide here.


Should you have any further questions regarding withdrawal limits or any other aspect of our platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.