I have problems with the reCAPTCHA from Google during login

If you are having difficulties with the reCAPTCHA, this guide provides solutions to the most common issues.

Tip: If you have a Google account log in to that first, so you will not have to select the pictures of the reCAPTCHA.

Web App (Desktop)

On the Web App please enter your email address and password at https://web.bitpanda.com/user/login.

Mobile App (Android)

On the Mobile App please enter your email address and password on the login screen.


You will get a picture shown, with a challenge to solve by clicking the parts requested. Until all the images are selected or no new ones appear. Then click on Verify or Next. If none of the parts match the description click on Skip.

It may be necessary, that you have to complete the process multiple times.

  • You can also request a new challenge by clicking the reload icon at the bottom left
  • Make sure you are not in private or incognito mode when attempting to log in
  • Disable browser add-ons and reload the page. You can also try a hard refresh after having disabled browser add-ons.
    • Windows: Ctrl + F5
    • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Command + R
    • Linux: F5
  • Verify that you are not blocking Google domains
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, change the tracking protection settings of your browser from “always” to “none” (you can always change this back after logging in)
  • Try to log in using a different browser
  • Restart the login process using another device
  • You also have the possibility to change to an audio challenge by clicking on the headphone icon
  • For help click the help icon
  • If the reCAPTCHA is not loading, a restart of the internet connection could also help


Examples of reCAPTCHA challenges are "Select all images with bicycles" or "Select all images with taxis". Here is an example:


To complete the process click on Verify.

After completing the reCAPTCHA you are able to log in to your account.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative for the reCAPTCHA. Please note that this is a security feature, especially to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

Tip: The reCAPTCHA won't appear on each login.

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