How can I secure my Bitpanda account?

Almost the entire cryptocurrency reserve is stored offline by Bitpanda, so we can ensure the security of our users.

What we do for your security

Your security matters deeply to us.

Cold Storage

This means that this reserve is not connected to the web server or stored on a computer that is connected to the internet.

Session management

Login attempts from new devices must be confirmed by email from your registered email address. See active devices and sessions, log out and close a running session via another device.


reCAPTCHA helps guard your account from unauthorised access.

Confirmation email

Confirmation emails add an additional security layer to your account, especially on critical actions like sending cryptocurrencies or fiat withdrawals.

Spot checks

On important data changes like email address, mobile phone number, or two-factor Authentication (2FA) resets, we may contact you personally by phone to validate the changes.


We also offer DDOS protection and SSL encryption.

What you should do for your security

We recommend you to contribute to the security of your wallet by the following means.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Bitpanda-Account.

Tip: Your email provider may offer the option to secure your email account with two-factor authentication (2FA). This is independent of Bitpanda but adds an additional security layer to your emails and therefore to your Bitpanda account.

Secure password

Choose a secure password, which you best use nowhere else.

Tip: The coloured bars, when creating the password serve as an indicator of how secure we estimate your password. Please make sure that the bars are at least green.

Please also note the following points:

  • Bitpanda will never ask you for your password
  • Please make sure that you always write from your registered email, otherwise we will not be allowed to make changes to your account
  • We manage the private keys for our users. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give them away. If you would rather hold your own keys then we recommend sending your coins to another address where you control the keys. In case we have not mentioned to support your fork, please withdraw your coins to a wallet whose private keys you control. This way you make sure to receive your fork coins.
  • Create a backup by securing the recovery code of the two-factor Authentication (2FA). You can also download the PDF containing the QR-code and store it safely.  
  • Avoid using unknown PCs and public WIFI connections when logging in to your account
  • For more information please see our Medium blog post: Security matters at Bitpanda, here’s how you can stay safe
  • Read our article about How to spot online scams