I forgot my registered email address for my Bitpanda account

If you cannot remember the email address of your account, please follow these steps.

In brief

Please send us a picture of your identity card or passport, next to a handwritten note with the following information:

- "Bitpanda Forgot Email Address"
- Today’s date

Send us the picture using our contact form and enter your registered phone number in the appropriate field.

Step 1

Grab a sheet of paper


Step 2

Fetch the same type of identity document you used for the verification of your account (your identity card or passport).


Note: We can only accept the same type of identity document you used for your verification. For example, if you verified with a passport, we cannot accept an ID card. Please note that we cannot accept expired documents. However, we can accept a renewed document if it matches the identity document you verified with.

Step 3

Write down the following information on the sheet of paper.

- "Bitpanda Forgot Email Address"
- Today's date


Step 4

Take a picture of your identity card or passport next to the handwritten notice.


Note: We need a picture showing a legible handwritten note next to your identity document. Make sure your date of birth and name are legible on your identity document.

Step 5

Send us the picture using our contact form.


Avoid common mistakes

Please note that we do not accept scans. Please do not send a selfie/portrait photo, since legibility in such pictures is not sufficient. Therefore, please only send in the documents as outlined above. Thank you.

dont_print.jpg  dont_portrait.jpg  dont_driver_licence.jpg

Note: For security reasons, we can only give out the information after you send us the required documents.

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