One-time SMS code not received

The confirmation of a deposit to the fiat wallet requires a confirmation via PIN. You will receive it by SMS or call. There is no alternative to this option.

Tip: For bank transfers we do not request a PIN.

Possible issues and their solutions 

If you did not receive the one-time SMS code when making the deposit, please try the following: 

Tip: Check online if your carrier provider is experiencing network outages

  • Please request the one-time SMS code once and wait for at least 15 minutes
  • Make sure your phone can receive text messages and is currently not in airplane mode 
  • Sometimes, restarting your phone or switching between normal and flight mode could prove to be a simple solution
  • Check your signal strength as you may want to move to another location if you are in a closed, crowded or rural area
  • See if you are currently able to send an SMS to a contact
  • If abroad, please also activate roaming to establish a connection to the mobile network
  • Check with your carrier what SMS plan you currently have and if you can receive promotional SMS, as some carriers do not treat promotional SMS as standard text messages, and may block them
  • Contact your carrier if their network is running and if your SIM card is still activate
  • Close all third-party software that could interfere with receiving an SMS on your phone, e.g. Antivirus software, firewall apps, or VPNs
  • What is the format you used when entering your phone number in our form?
  • Have you tried switching web browsers to complete the form?
  • Check if there is enough internal storage on your device left to receive an SMS
  • Try switching the SIM card to another phone
  • Use another SMS app
  • Verify that you are not currently blocking certain phone numbers and that your number hasn’t been blacklisted
  • Update the configuration of your SMSC (Short Message Service Centre)

Need help?

If those solutions are not effective, then please contact us and tell us with which number you are trying it.