How can I change my name, nationality or place of residence?

In general, when you want to change your personal data in your Bitpanda account, you need to consider if your account is verified or not verified yet.

Note: Please use the following links to see our articles where we provide detailed information on how to change your personal data.

Unverified Account

If you haven't verified or started verification yet, you can always change your data yourself under Verify now in the menu.

Note: If you have already tried to verify your account but the attempt was unsuccessful, you should have received an email explaining why it has failed. Please check both your inbox and spam folder. 

Tip: If you would like to know more details about why the verification attempt failed, check this article.

Verified Account

If you need to change any of your personal information, such as your name, current address or nationality and you are already verified, please contact us directly with the new data and the reason for the change. We will update our records on your behalf. 

Note: Please make sure to provide the correct information in the contact form and, if necessary, attach the requested documents, for example, marriage certificate.

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