I am experiencing problems with my verification

We are sorry if you have experienced difficulties with the verification of your account.

Note: If your verification attempt was unsuccessful, you should have received an email explaining why it has failed. Please, check both your inbox and spam folder.

If you need to try verifying again, please have a look at our detailed guide on how to verify your account. We, of course, invite you to continue reading this article to find out what the problem might be and to get some tips on how to solve it. 

Tip: You can contact us, as usual, via our contact form.

Country of residence

As a first step, please check if your country of residence is supported. If we do not support verification for your country of residence yet, it is not possible for us to provide our services in your country. Unfortunately, this means that verification with Bitpanda is currently not possible.

Tip: As Bitpanda is growing, verification might be possible with your documents or for your country in the future, but we can't guarantee it at this point.

Identity documents

Here is a list of all the identity documents accepted by our verification partners.

Note: Please note that we do not accept other identity documents such as driving licences or residence permits. 

Webcam problems

If you have problems with your video or webcam, then please use a different device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or similar device.

Please be aware, if you use Safari or Firefox as a browser, on some occasions it might be the case that you are asked for a selfie instead of the video. If this has happened to you, please, retry the verification using a different browser, as even if you have completed the process and it appears to have been completed successfully, unfortunately, this may not be the case. 

Tip: As an alternative and easy workaround, we also recommend that you download our Bitpanda mobile app and complete the verification process there. 

Audio problems

Should your audio fail, then, please check your audio settings or use a different device. If you still want to try with the same device, we would recommend resetting it and trying again. Please do not use a headset, as this could interfere with facial recognition, leading to issues with the video verification. 

Connection problems

Before you start the verification of your account, please make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection. If you have internet issues, we would recommend that you troubleshoot the network you have used for this process. If this does not work, we advise you to try another network or reset your modem and device.

Image quality problems

When taking pictures of your documents, please ensure there is a sufficient image exposure. Keep in mind that the image sensors of most cameras need more exposure than the human eye in order to properly display visual impressions. It might be possible that the lighting or camera quality did not provide a clear view of your identity document or caused reflections that interfere with the process. Please frame the photo carefully and make sure that the data is legible on it at all times.

Are there other ways to get verified?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to complete the verification of your account if our verification services are unable to verify your identity. At this stage, there is no alternative and we do not offer the option to verify the account via support tickets, post, email or in person.

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