I am experiencing problems with my verification

Find out How to verify.

We are sorry if you experienced difficulties with your verification. Unfortunately, the video-verification through IdentityTM and IDNow are currently the only options we offer. There is no alternative. We do not offer the possibility to be verified by post, via email or at our office.

Identity documents

Only the following identity documents can be used for the verification. Please note that, we do not accept other identity documents. We also are not able to communicate if there will be any additional countries added to this list in the future.

  IdentityTM IDNow
Country Passport ID Card Passport ID Card
Belgium ✓*** ✓***
Bosnia and Herzegovina    
Czech Republic
Greece  *  *
Italy   ✓*
Portugal ✓*** ✓***
Sweden ✓** ✓**
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland    

* For Italian and Greek citizens, the old paper-based ID document cannot be accepted.

** Unfortunately, our verification partner companies are currently experiencing issues with the verification of Swedish citizens.

*** Unfortunately, there are official Belgian and Portuguese identity documents in circulation that were issued with a false ID number. Although these kind of documents may be considered a correct ID document in some places, our verification partner companies cannot accept them as a valid identity document for the verification.

For additional information concerning US citizens and residents please read our Terms & Conditions.

Webcam problems

If you have problems with your video or webcam, then please use a different hardware, smartphone, tablet, computer or similar device.

Audio problems

Should your audio fail, then check your audio settings, try a headset or use a different device like with the video problems.

Connection problems

When the internet connection fails, please try another connection, maybe the smartphone internet or some other WIFI.

Image exposure problems

When taking pictures of your documents pay attention to a sufficient image exposure. Take into account that image sensors of most cameras need more exposure than the human eye in order to properly display visual impressions.

Technical problems

In case of technical problems which aren't caused from your side, please get in touch with the corresponding support of the verification service: kontakt@identity.tm and support@mail.idnow.de

Please note that these services have different opening hours. You can view these on the equivalent websites.


When you start the verification on Bitpanda and you chose not to run the verification through the browser then the Ident-ID is shown to you on the next page. This ID is the Ident-ID that you have to enter on your smartphone or tablet when IDNow asks you for it.

Partner identification services

IdentityTM assists customers through the identification process from start to successful completion. They focus on the safety of our customers and aim to provide a quick and satisfying experience for your benefit. IdentityTM is based in Dusseldorf, Germany and is available 24/7.

IDNow is the world's fastest, most flexible and most secure identity verification platform. VideoIdent provides a seamless online identification using an agent-assisted video chat process. IDNow is based in Munich, Germany and is available from 8:00 AM until 00:00 CEST.

There is nothing we can do to complete your verification, if all of our verification services (IdentityTM and IDNow) are unable to verify your identity.

Please have a look here to see what you can do with an unverified Bitpanda account:

Note: Presently IdentityTM and IDNow are only able to offer verification in English and German.

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