What should I do if my cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal is not completed?

Please take a look at the explanations described in this article of the status a cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal can have in your Bitpanda Wallet. You can also see this in your history.

If your cryptocurrency deposit does not appear at all, see what you can do.


The transaction hasn’t been confirmed by email yet. If you haven’t received any emails, you can find some tips for further action.

Before email confirmation:


After email confirmation:


Pending (Processing)

The transaction will be transmitted to the appropriate network and confirmation should be received shortly. It is no longer possible to cancel the transaction at this point.


In case your transaction status hasn’t changed after two hours, then:

1. Check if your transaction is visible on the Blockchain.

  • If no: Your transaction is Pending
  • If yes: Confirmation should be received shortly, go to step 2

2. Check to see if the status of the relevant cryptocurrency is “Operational” on our Status page.

  • If no: Wait for the status to change back to “Operational”
  • If yes: Wait one hour, if the transaction status is still Pending (Processing) then please contact us

Unconfirmed Transaction

Once the transaction is visible in the Blockchain Explorer as “Unconfirmed Transaction”, it was successful but still needs some time.

Tip: Waiting times of up to one hour are not uncommon with Bitcoin and can be even longer, depending on the utilisation of the Bitcoin network. Cryptocurrency deposits to your Bitpanda wallet will be credited automatically as soon as they received six confirmations from the miners of the relevant network.


Once your transaction is on the blockchain, even as a “Unconfirmed Transaction”, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process or influence it.


Blockchain Explorer

Please give the transaction some time to confirm.



This status can show up if you have cancelled it either through your account or your confirmation email.

  • If you’ve made a deposit, please contact us
  • If you’ve made a withdrawal, the coins will be returned to your wallet, if not, please contact us

New User Invited

An invitation was sent to the user per email. As soon as the invited person accepts the invitation, the coins will be transferred to his Bitpanda account. If you have sent it to the wrong email address, please contact us, and we will help you.

Note: Please note that in case of a problem, only the sender of the transaction may contact us and that transactions cannot be cancelled at the request of a third party.

In case you want to invite a new user you can add him through the Contacts option.

Cancelled Invitation

In this case, either you have cancelled the invitation, or we did, due to technical reasons. The amount has been credited back to your account.

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