What is Bitpanda Metals?

With Bitpanda Metals we want to give you the ability to trade and swap gold and silver just as easily as with cryptocurrencies.

How can I buy gold and silver?

To buy gold and silver, please follow the steps on how to buy cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Tip: In order to buy, sell and swap our digitised gold and silver you will need a verified Bitpanda account.

How does Bitpanda Metals work?  

You can enjoy the same convenience Bitpanda offers for cryptocurrencies, now with Bitpanda Metals.

Bitpanda physically backs the metal tokens, which means that each token of gold and silver that you buy represents a certain amount of physical gold or silver that is stored and insured in a vault in Switzerland by our partners pro aurum and philoro.

When trading gold and silver on Bitpanda, you don’t move it from its physical location therefore, it remains inside the vault. You will be trading gold and silver tokens which are backed by physical gold and silver, insured and stored in the secure vault in Switzerland.

Swap gold and silver with any other digital asset

Gold and silver will be integrated as tokens on Bitpanda. You can imagine them like any other digital asset we offer at the moment. This means that you can swap it to any digital asset, including other digitised precious metals.

Set up savings plans for gold and silver

You can buy gold and silver on a recurring and ongoing basis with Bitpanda Savings. You can set up as many savings plans as you want. You can cancel your savings plan at any time or temporarily pause and later resume it.

Where is the vault and how does the storage work?

We are storing all metals in a duty-free storage vault in Switzerland.

Are there fees?

Yes, there is a premium for buying and selling, as well as a storage fee.

The premium for buying and selling gold is 0.5% of the amount you buy or sell.

The premium for buying silver is 2.5% of the amount you buy and for selling silver it is 2% of the amount you sell.

The storage and insurance fee for gold is 0.0125% and for silver 0.025% of the total amount you hold. The storage and insurance fee will be automatically deducted from your respective metal wallet on a weekly basis (each Monday). You don’t have to do anything for it. If your gold or silver wallet is empty no storage and insurance fees are deducted.

Tip: Storage and insurance for precious metals on Bitpanda is a lot cheaper than the usual amount for storing precious metals in a secure and insured vault.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our Metals FAQ to find answers to all your questions.

For additional information regarding Bitpanda Metals, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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