How do I reactivate my account?

To learn more on why an account may need to be reactivated, please take a look at our terms and conditions (keyword: Bitpanda Client account).

In case of a double account, please contact us from your registered email address using our contact form and let us know which email address and phone number you want to use in the future for your Bitpanda account.

In all other cases, please follow the steps below.

Note: We will only reactivate the account if you have frozen it by yourself via the password reset email or by requesting the deactivation through our support team. For violations of our terms and conditions, we will process it on an individual basis.

Reactivate your account

To reactivate your account, please send us a picture of your identity card or passport, next to a handwritten note with the following information: 

- "Bitpanda Account Reactivation"
- Today’s date

Step 1

Grab a sheet of paper


Step 2

Fetch your identity card or passport.


Note: We only accept the identity document that has been used for the verification.

Step 3

Write down the following information on the sheet of paper.

- "Bitpanda Account Reactivation"
- Today’s date


Step 4

Take a picture of your identity card or passport next to the handwritten notice.


Note: We need a picture showing legible the handwritten note next to your identity document. Make sure your date of birth and name are readable on your identity document.

Step 5

Send us the picture using our contact form.


Avoid common mistakes

Please note that we do not accept Scans. Please don't send a selfie/portrait, since readability in such pictures is not sufficient. Therefore, please only send in the documents as outlined above. Thank you!

dont_print.jpg  dont_portrait.jpg  dont_driver_licence.jpg

Note: For security reasons we can only give out the information after you send us the required documents.

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