What can I do if I have a feature or coin listing request?

Our primary goal at Bitpanda is to tear down the barriers to personal finance, giving you the best possible experience and easy access to all the tools you need for a seamless trading experience.

This is why we value your feedback and your personal experience with our services highly. If you happen to have feedback on how we can improve or have a request for a specific feature or coin listing, please have a look at the information below.

I would like to suggest a new feature

There is a lot coming up on Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro that we cannot talk about yet. However, if you happen to have a request to introduce a certain feature to our services, you can share it in your preferred way on all of our social media channels. Our team is always on these channels, so you can be sure that no input will be missed.

For example, you can submit your feature or product request in our official Bitpanda subreddit. It can also get up or downvoted there by the community to provide some initial feedback regarding its popularity. Our community managers are checking them regularly and will forward your feedback to the appropriate department.

I would like to suggest a new coin listing

You can actively take part in the decision making process on which coin we will list next on Bitpanda using our Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST).

For example, as a BEST VIP (level 1 to 3; with a minimum of 5,000 BEST in your Bitpanda wallet), you have the unique opportunity of having a say in which cryptocurrency we will list in the future.

If you would like us to add a new trading pair to Bitpanda Pro, you can also share your feedback on any of our social media channels, starting with our Bitpanda Pro Twitter.

One thing to keep in mind. All our offered cryptocurrencies and tokens had to go through a thorough due diligence process. The requirements take market capitalisation, stability, developer and user number into account, amongst other things. Therefore, the suggested cryptocurrencies and tokens that we list to vote have all been vetted as we believe they could make a valuable addition to our growing list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens.

We understand that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are very passionate about new coins and tokens being made available on Bitpanda. However, we cannot discuss possible support for certain cryptocurrencies or tokens before they have been launched successfully or before we have publicly announced that we are planning to do so. Furthermore, we cannot comment on any rumours concerning such matters.

Once the decision to include a new coin or token has been made, our users and followers will be informed via our blog, through our newsletter, the Bitpanda Coin Alert Newsletter and our social media channels.

I have a request about an existing feature

If you have a suggestion on how to improve an already existing feature on Bitpanda or Bitpanda Pro, we also invite you to share it with us on any of our social media channels.

Frequently asked questions about existing features

There are certain features that I miss on the Bitpanda mobile app. Why is that?
All features that are available on Bitpanda will also be integrated in our mobile app on iOS and Android. If you can’t find a certain feature in our app yet, rest assured that we’re already working to integrate it. However, we can’t share any specifics or a release date for any of them. In the meantime, please switch to the desktop version of Bitpanda to use the respective feature.
Will there be a Bitpanda Pro App in addition to the Bitpanda App?
No, there is no app for Bitpanda Pro on our roadmap. That said, Bitpanda Pro was built to be fully responsive, meaning that it adapts to any device and screen size. This way you can trade on Bitpanda Pro on any device. Simply log in through your preferred browser on your mobile phone.
What is in the roadmap for Pantos (PAN)?
Pantos is a science-led research project. We prefer to allow the whitepapers and prototypes do the talking instead of creating hype through extensive advertising. When Pantos reaches its goal of inter-blockchain operability, it will speak for itself.

What we can share is that our team is growing and we are putting lots of effort into promoting our whole ecosystem. We also have plans for growing the Pantos community in the future. We are working closely with CoinMarketCap in order to fulfil the requirements for a Pantos listing. Unlike BEST, there are different stipulations but you can be sure we are working on it.

Since the goal of Pantos is to bring all major blockchain platforms closer together, we are prioritising allocating our resources into the development of the project. Bitpanda will not oppose other exchanges to list Pantos. However, we will not use project funds to pay for such listings.

The official Pantos roadmap can be found here.
What is in the roadmap for the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST)?
BEST already offers plenty of benefits and that won’t stop now.

As we intend to develop BEST as the centrepiece of the Bitpanda Ecosystem, we can assure you that we continuously strive to improve all our services and products in order to achieve our goals, outlined in our vision paper.

We are working around the clock towards achieving our vision. This includes implementing new features for BEST. We can’t give any details on what these features will be, as we cannot speak about new features before they have been launched successfully or before we have publicly announced that we are planning to do so.

We do go into further detail regarding the project, its goals and its benefits on our BEST page, our BEST Helpdesk article, the Bitpanda Blog and in our vision paper.

If you want to be the first to learn about upcoming events, you can also join our Bitpanda Announcements Telegram group, or simply follow us on our social media channels.
Will PAN or BEST be listed on another exchange at some point?
At this point, we can neither confirm nor rule out if Pantos and BEST will be listed on other exchanges.

That said, Pantos is a scientific research project, which aims to solve one of the key technical barriers in the crypto and digital asset space: interoperability between blockchains. Using our funds to pay for a listing on other exchanges is not part of our vision paper or roadmap. 

As for BEST, we highlighted our goals in our vision paper. Paying for listings on other exchanges was not part of them and is not on our agenda. If other exchanges decide to list Pantos or BEST, we will, of course, not oppose this. However, we will use our resources to develop the project and the Bitpanda ecosystem to ensure the best user experience.
Will there be a direct link forwarding from Bitpanda to Bitpanda Pro?
No. There is no option planned to directly jump to Bitpanda Pro from the Bitpanda interface. The Bitpanda Pro homepage can be accessed at all times via the Services tab on the Bitpanda homepage. You can also find it here. Feel free to bookmark it in your preferred browser for easy, fast and secure access.
I don’t understand the figures on Coinmarketcap and other commercial directories
If you come across outdated figures on Coinmarketcap or CoinGecko, rest assured that we’re already in contact with them to update the figures.
There are certain adjustments I would like to see on the Bitpanda Dashboard
We are constantly working to improve your experience with Bitpanda. If you have a specific request also about the Dashboard, please follow the instructions mentioned above under feature requests.
What is Trade Only mode?
If a cryptocurrency is in trade only mode, it means it is currently only available for purchase and sale on Bitpanda. Once all the wallet features, such as sending and receiving, are available, we will announce this. Exactly when that will happen depends on the final testing to ensure security and functionality. Learn more about trade only mode.

I found a bug

If you happen to find a bug on our website, we would appreciate you reporting it by filling out this form and sending it to us. Keep in mind that for security reasons, it is not possible for us to address bug issues on social media.

I have general feedback

For general feedback on your submitted ticket, Bitpanda Support or our Helpdesk, please see the specific steps below.

Feedback on my recently submitted request

Our primary objective at Bitpanda Support is to help you with your problem as quickly as possible and to keep your waiting time as short as possible. As soon as you submit a request via our contact form, the most qualified agent will take care of your specific issue. Should you come across open questions or general feedback, please let us know directly in the ticket you submitted. This way, we can help solve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about things to consider when submitting your request.

Feedback on Bitpanda Support

We always love to hear about your experience with our support, good or bad. Feel free to share your feedback via our contact form, so we can directly forward it to the respective person.

Feedback on our Helpdesk

For general feedback on our Helpdesk, we invite you to use the blue feedback button on the left side of the screen. Here you can include a screenshot so that we can see what your feedback refers to more clearly. If you can't see the feedback button, please deactivate the private/incognito mode in your browser.

Use the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" button at the end of each article to let us know if the provided information was helpful for you.

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