What is Bitpanda Spotlight?

Our Bitpanda Spotlight assets are upcoming crypto projects that are still in development. 

All new projects are subject to our rigorous vetting process so that you can invest in fast-moving coins and tokens with low market caps on a highly regulated platform.

Note: Be aware that these coins carry a higher risk of cancelled orders and dramatic price changes. In some cases, we may need to temporarily disable trading with these assets due to limited accessibility.

How does it work?

With Bitpanda Spotlight, you have the possibility to subscribe to certain assets before they go live and can receive rewards for them upon go-live as a BEST VIP member.

You can easily access it by clicking on the banner located on the Prices page:


We encourage you to inform yourself thoroughly before trading. In addition to your own research, you can find asset descriptions and social media channels linked on each card.

Please note that Bitpanda Spotlight giveaway tokens are not available to UK residents.

When will a particular asset launch?

The counter above the Subscribe button shows the time remaining until the launch date. If you want to stay in the loop, click the Subscribe button, and we'll send you a push notification when the coin goes live. It's that easy!


How are giveaway tokens distributed?

By subscribing to our offered assets as a BEST VIP, you'll get exclusive access to participate in our free giveaways. 

For every new Bitpanda Spotlight coin, there is a fixed number of giveaway tokens. These tokens are distributed between BEST VIPs that subscribe to the coin on Bitpanda Spotlight. How many giveaway tokens you receive depends on your BEST VIP level. 

The higher your BEST VIP level, the more tokens you'll get.


You’re not a BEST VIP yet? Learn more about the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) and the benefits of our loyalty programme.