I sent cryptocurrencies to my Bitpanda Wallet but did not receive them

Cryptocurrency deposits to your Bitpanda wallet will be credited automatically as soon as they received six confirmations from the miners of the relevant network.

Minimum deposits and transaction costs

Note: Please note that a minimum deposit policy applies. Deposits below the minimum deposit amount are unfortunately lost and cannot be refunded. Also, remember if you send any other cryptocurrencies or assets from a different address, the coins are lost.

Your current deposit address

Please always check the current deposit address in your wallet before you attempt a cryptocurrency transaction. Keep in mind, that it is only possible to credit cryptocurrencies to your account if you used the displayed address in your Bitpanda wallet.

Transaction status in the Blockchain Explorer

You can use a Blockchain Explorer to check for yourself if a transaction was completed successfully. When the transaction is listed and confirmed by the network, then it was successful. If the transaction was confirmed at least once, then it is successful and irreversible.

In a Blockchain Explorer, you can search for the transaction ID (hash), which is the identifier for a particular transaction. This can also be found in the wallet from where you sent it. In order to check a transaction, you can also search for a particular wallet address in a Blockchain Explorer, in this case, your Bitpanda deposit address. Then all transactions coming and going from this address will be displayed.

If no transaction has taken place, please contact the wallet or exchange support from where you tried to send the coins and ask why the withdrawal was not sent.

Transaction status

See all possible transaction status.

Check Bitpanda wallet status

Check our Status page to see if a wallet is operational.

Depositing cryptocurrencies

Learn more on how to deposit cryptocurrencies and find coin-specific information which must be taken into account when making deposits to your Bitpanda wallet.

Ethereum and out of gas transactions

If you send ERC20 tokens or Ethereum to your Bitpanda wallet but the coins fail to appear in your Bitpanda wallet, open the Blockchain Explorer and check for an error message.

If the error message “Out of gas” is present, that means that your deposit failed because it needed more “Gas” than what was set as a limit. This is not something that is set on our end but in the wallet where it was sent from. If this is set too low, your transaction will be refused.

In this instance, the Ethereum (ETH) are still located at the address from where you tried to send it (minus the fees that have been charged so far). You can check this independently in the previously mentioned Blockchain Explorer. If however, the balance is not correct please contact the support of the respective wallet or exchange from which you tried to send it.

When you try to send it again just set the “Gas Limit” to 50,000 which is the maximum units of gas you will pay.

Missing reference (e.g Destination Tag, Memo and Message)

Note: If you sent a cryptocurrency to your Bitpanda wallet but did not include the required additional information (e.g a Destination Tag, Memo and Message) your coins are lost and the amount cannot be credited to your account. For future deposits always include the required additional information, otherwise, the coins will be lost.

Contact us

However, if a confirmed transaction has not been credited to your Bitpanda wallet, please contact our support and we will assist you in solving the issue as quickly as possible.

Tip: To speed up this process, we recommend that you contact us with the transaction ID (hash), the receiving address (your Bitpanda deposit address), the name of the cryptocurrency, as well as the amount and the approximate time of the transaction.

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