I sent cryptocurrencies from Bitpanda to another wallet, but they did not arrive

Cryptocurrency withdrawals from your Bitpanda wallet will be sent automatically after you have confirmed them by email.

Note: Please keep in mind that it is not possible to reverse a transaction once you have confirmed the transaction in the confirmation email.

Blockchain Explorer

You can use a Blockchain Explorer to check for yourself if a transaction actually took place. If you can see it there and it has already been confirmed by the network, this means the transaction was successful. If the transaction was confirmed at least once, it was successful and is irreversible.

In a Blockchain Explorer, you can search for the transaction ID (hash), which is an identifier for a particular transaction. You will find this in your Bitpanda wallet in the details of the relevant transaction. To check a transaction, you can also search for a particular wallet address in a Blockchain Explorer, in this case, the address of your other wallet. Then all transactions to and from this address will be displayed.

If the transaction was successful, it means that the problem is with the wallet or the exchange where you sent the coins because the address is controlled by them. This may be a technical problem (see below) or the coins have not been credited to you for other reasons. For more help, please contact the support of the wallet or exchange where you sent the coins and ask why they have not been credited to you.

Note: Unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed. We do not refund these either.

Addresses of cryptocurrencies are protected against typing errors by so-called checksums. However, what can happen is that you have accidentally copied and sent to another, valid, address of the same cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, in some cases it is still possible to send to the address of another cryptocurrency. If the address on both blockchains is valid due to a shared address format, no error message will be received. However, access to the address will be denied.

Contact us

However, if no transaction has taken place, even though the coins are not in your Bitpanda wallet anymore, then please write us. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Tip: To speed up this process, we recommend that you contact us with the PID and the receiving address.

Transaction status

See what status a transaction can have.