How to verify?

Verifying your identity on Bitpanda only takes a few minutes. But before you start, please ensure the following:

  • You have a stable Internet connection
  • Your desktop webcam or smartphone camera is activated
  • You are in a quiet, well-lit environment
  • You have an accepted identity document to hand

How do I verify?

Desktop Mobile App
  1. Sign in to Bitpanda
  2. Click on your User icon
  3. Click on Verify now
  4. Enter your personal details, confirm that the information given is true, complete and accurate, then click on Save and continue. To successfully verify, the personal data you entered on Bitpanda must match the one in the identity document you use for the verification
  5. Enter the SMS-PIN, which we sent to your verified phone number
  6. Choose the Citizenship, your Preferred language, and the Type of identification, and click on Continue
  7. If you are ready, click on Continue. You will be automatically forwarded to one of our verification partner companies. Simply follow their instructions when prompted

Which identity documents can I use?

Accepted identity documents for verification may vary by country but typically include passports, ID cards, and in some cases, driving licenses. To view the full list of accepted documents, please click here.

I’m verified. What now?

It may take a few minutes until your verification becomes active on your account. Once active, you can start investing in over 2000 digital assets like crypto, stocks, precious metals, ETFs and crypto indices, taking your financial future into your own hands.


Are there other ways to get verified?
Unfortunately, we do not offer verification via support tickets, by post, via email or in person. The only way to become verified is via our verification partners and as described above.
I have trouble with my verification. Where can I find help?
If you experienced issues with the verification, please have a look at this article. It provides solutions for the most common problems.