Why is a cryptocurrency wallet temporarily unavailable?

If a cryptocurrency is currently not available on the platform, this could be due to several reasons. In this article we will explain the most common reasons why this could happen. These situations can take some time before going back to normal, but our team is always working hard to make the wallet available again as soon as possible.

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Why is a Bitpanda wallet in maintenance?


To keep the platform secure, updates may be necessary. In such a case, the respective cryptocurrency wallet will be put into maintenance mode. Until maintenance is completed, deposits and withdrawals are temporarily unavailable. As soon as we have finished the update, the wallet will be available again.

If the wallet you would like to use is in maintenance, the following error message will appear:

"Wallet under maintenance due to an update. We are working hard to bring it back online as soon as possible."

Hard Fork

When a Fork is happening, our team has to proceed to a lot of updates to guarantee that the cryptocurrency wallets will operate smoothly after the fork. For this reason we have to temporarily deactivate the wallet of the respective cryptocurrency. We will reactivate the wallet as soon as possible.

Tip: Please take a look at our blog article to get more information regarding forks or read our Fork Policy.

Trade Only

If a cryptocurrency is in trade only mode, it means it is currently only available for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on Bitpanda. Find out which cryptocurrencies are currently in trade only mode.

Will deposits be credited if I deposited coins while the wallet was offline?

If the hash of your transaction is visible on the Blockchain Explorer of the respective cryptocurrency, it will be processed by the network. Your funds will be credited once the wallet is active again.

You can also read our article I sent cryptocurrencies to my Bitpanda wallet but did not receive them to get more information.

Can I trade when a wallet is disabled?

You can continue to trade during wallet maintenance. There may be individual cases in which we deactivate trading as well (e.g. during a hard fork).