What can I do if I do not receive emails?

If you have trouble receiving emails from us, there are several reasons that could cause the problem.

If you’ve just created an account and the confirmation email is affected, please make sure you have entered the correct email address and resend the confirmation email.

In case you already confirmed your email address and you are receiving, for example, no information or confirmation emails about trades and other activities on Bitpanda, please try the following:

Make sure you check your mailbox folders like spam, advertisements, and others. Often, automated emails from unknown senders are placed there. You can click on Resend email in your Wallet or History, if it hasn't arrived after some minutes yet. We send such emails from this address:

Our Bitpanda support email address from which we will write you is the following:
support@bitpanda.zendesk.com (to write us please use the contact form)

If you still cannot find it, it is possible that your email provider is blocking it, in this case please try to whitelist our email addresses. Add them to your address book or tag them as trusted.

If all of this won’t help, we recommend switching to another email provider.

As soon as you have your new address, read the article about how to change it.

You can also join the Bitpanda Telegram group to chat with others in the meantime.

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