What can I do if I do not receive emails?

If you have trouble receiving emails from us, there are several reasons that could cause the problem.

Confirmation email for new account

If you’ve just created an account and you haven’t received the confirmation email after half an hour, please make sure you have entered the correct email address and resend the confirmation email.

General solutions

In case you already confirmed your email address and you are receiving, for example, no information or confirmation emails about trades and other activities on Bitpanda, please try the following:

  • Make sure you check your mailbox folders like spam, advertisements, and others. Often, automated emails from unknown senders are placed there
  • You can click on Resend email in your Wallet or History, if it hasn't arrived after some minutes yet. We send such emails from this address: noreply@bitpanda.com
  • If you still cannot find it, it is possible that your email provider is blocking it, in this case please try to whitelist our email addresses. Add them to your address book or tag them as trusted
  • The official Bitpanda Support email address is: support@bitpanda.zendesk.com (to contact us, please use the contact form)
  • Check the list of blocked contacts, your settings and your folder of deleted messages. It might happen that some emails are directly marked as deleted messages
  • One of the common reasons that it is not possible to receive emails, is a full storage of the email inbox. Please delete some messages or try to get more storage
  • Another workaround is to change the email programme, device or browser. If you are using a mobile device, please disconnect and reconnect to your mailbox. Furthermore, please check if you are still logged in to your mobile mailbox. It may be that you are disconnected due to a password change
  • If you selected POP3 as server, try to switch to the IMAP-settings. This change can help if you try to access your mailbox from different devices
  • Check your internet connection and switch the network, if it’s possible
  • Please check if your firewall or antivirus software is blocking something or deactivate them for a moment
  • Search for noreply@bitpanda.com and support@bitpanda.zendesk.com in your mailbox. If you don’t find any message, please contact us
  • If all of this won’t help, we recommend switching to another email provider. As soon as you have your new address, read the article on how to change it on Bitpanda

Email address & ticket-ID

Please use our contact form to contact us. After you submitted a request, you will receive a reply from an email similar to this address support+id206612@bitpanda.zendesk.com. Please note that the number in the email address is your ticket-ID.

Automatic email

If you submit a request you will receive an automatic answer email with a ticket-ID after a few seconds. Please check if you receive that email and entered your email address correctly in the contact form. Otherwise, you know that you won’t be receiving our support emails.

If more than 24 hours have past and you still didn’t receive the automatic answer email, you could contact us from another email address and ask about the ticket status from your initial request.

Bitpanda Telegram group

If you’re not receiving our support emails, you can join our official Telegram group to talk to our support team and discuss further steps to solve your case (e.g. receiving your ticket-ID and whitelisting the individual support email).

Confirmation links & email “conversations”

If you experience problems with the confirmation email, have a look at this article.

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