How long will it take for a deposit or withdrawal to appear on my Bitpanda or bank account?

Real-time cryptocurrency purchases and sales

Bitpanda processes cryptocurrency purchases and sales in real-time. The amount of the cryptocurrency will be credited to your Bitpanda Account without delay.

Fiat deposits and withdrawals

In order to buy cryptocurrencies on your Bitpanda account, you must first deposit money onto your Fiat Wallet.

Please bear in mind that when making a deposit or withdrawal, your chosen payment method can affect how long it will take for the money to be available on your Bitpanda Fiat Wallet or bank account. For the following online payment methods this usually happens immediately:

  • Skrill
  • Visa and Mastercard

Find out what you can do if your deposit or withdrawal has the status "Manual approval".

Payment processing by banks

Bitpanda processes bank transfers within one business day. 

Bank transfers usually take around two to three business days to complete. 

If you have done everything correctly the amount will be credited to your chosen Fiat Wallet as soon as the payment reaches us. Please check this with your bank statement.

Note: Always include the provided Payment reference in the reference field of your bank transfer. If you have forgotten to include, or used the wrong Payment reference, please have a look at this article for further information.

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