What should I do if I receive an error message like “Action forbidden”, “Rate limit”, “Transaction amount too low” or similar?

In this article, we are going to clarify some of the common error messages you may encounter.

Action forbidden

There are several reasons why you may receive this error message:

  • If you created a business account, please send us the required documents mentioned in the email you received after your registration
  • If you created a private account, your account might be under a short manual security review which can take up to seven business days
  • If you receive this message during verification, you probably used a paper verification document, a residence permit, a driving licence or another verification document which we do not accept. Please check our accepted documents for further information and retry the verification

Rate limit

It seems that you have hit a so-called “rate limit”. This happens when too many requests have been sent to Bitpanda from your device/IP address. As a result, you get blocked from submitting further requests for 1 hour.

Please wait for 1 hour and then try it again. If this still does not work, please try to change your network connection or restart your router, as this might give you a new IP address and you should have access again.

Please note that using Tor network, a VPN, shared/public networks or having Bitpanda open on several browsers/tabs simultaneously can lead to recurring rate limit issues.

If you are using Firefox, please go into the Firefox "Privacy & Security" settings and check the following:

  • "Enhanced Tracking Protection" is on "Standard"
  • "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" must be deactivated

Once all the settings are as displayed above, you can try using Bitpanda again.

Phone number already used in another account

Please check if you have another account with us. If you do not remember the email address you registered with, follow these steps on how to retrieve it. Please note that it can sometimes be the case that your current number was previously used with another mobile provider and, in turn, is still assigned to another Bitpanda user. 

When contacting us, please always provide us with the phone number that is not working.

Transaction amount too low

When withdrawing cryptocurrencies, your account balance must cover the minimum withdrawal amount (incl. the withdrawal fee), otherwise making a withdrawal will not be possible.

If you try to send less than the minimum withdrawal amount, your cryptocurrencies cannot be sent out, and you will receive an error message.

Please feel free to have a look at the different minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts for each cryptocurrency.

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